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Будем зорки
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Title - Будем зорки

Year - 1927

Duration - 00:03:02

Produced By - Mezhrablom-Rus' / Межраблом-Русь

Director - Nikolay Khodataev / Николай Ходатаев

Category - Cartoons

Language - English, Russian

О фильме
Britain’s foreign secretary, Lord Curzon, tries to sabotage development of the fledgling Soviet Union with a trade embargo. Defiant Soviets buy government bonds (obligazia) and a new industrial nation is born. Note: We found nothing in western history books to support the storyline of this film. Oleg Vidov (actor/producer): Soviets were regularly forced to “save” the economy from ruin, or fight the war, by buying “obligazia.” Throughout the years, the State promised to redeem the bonds, but rarely did until the Gorbachev era, but even that government did not honor many. The obligatzia were printed on good paper and so beautiful some people used them as wallpaper.

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