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Аве Мария
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Title - Аве Мария

Year - 1972

Duration - 00:09:42

Produced By - Soyuzmultfilm / Союзмультфильм

Director - Ivan Ivanov-Vano / Иван Иванов-Вано

Category - Cartoons

Language - English, Russian

О фильме
Also known as “Against American Aggression in Vietnam,” this film is as anti-war as anti-American and portrays the Church as an actively malignant social influence. Underscored by Schubert’s “Ave Maria.” Ivanov-Vano, who worked as an animator on some of the animation films made in the 20s such as “China in Flames,” went on to become the USSR’s foremost director of animated films for children. Vladimir Paperny (writer and cultural historian): I think that propaganda goals of the 70s and the 30s and the 40s were quite different. In the 40s and the 30s, and even before, the idea was to project the Soviet Union as a very powerful, very invincible warrior, something that doesn’t compromise and just fights to the very end, something very menacing, aggressive and something that everybody should fear. In the 70s, the Soviet Union was presented as the defender of humanitarian values, as a fortress of the fight against barbarism. You can see it in “Ave Maria.” The sound track is Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” a religious song, and the imagery is icons, paintings of the Madonna with a child. The official Soviet ideology was atheism and despite this, those religious images were supposed to present the Soviet Union as the new defender of humanity and humanitarian bounds.

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